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“Gornyi vozduh” is ready for winter season

Unprecedented inrush of tourists awaits Sakhalin
“Gornyi vozduh” is ready for winter season
  liptur.ru, "Горный воздух"

The best ski resort of the Far East “Gornyi vozduh” (Sakhalin) is ready to accommodate more than 95000 tourists this year, reports Vostok.Today.

 “During summer all the slopes were greatly improved: from south-western serpentine to south-east, north slopes” says Alexey Korablev, “Gornyi vozduh” resort principal.

 14 modern ski slopes (25km in total) are all different –from difficult ones for professional skiers to light slopes.

 “We are finishing now new slopes on Krasnaya mountain, 7 new slopes of 10km. This season some of them will be run in test mode” says Andrey Korablev.

 They will be tested by life-savers and resort workers.

 A lot of entertaining events are planned this year. Left aside traditional snow carnival and “Zar of the mountain” competitions there will be a mass come-down of Fathers Frost and Snegurochkas, “In Love with Snow” quest, celebration of the World Snow Day.

 Natalya Pakholkova, chief sales department manages, says that the tourists and clients of “Gornyi vozduh” resortwill have preferences on the partners –resorts of Pacific region ski resort alliance that also includes “Rusutsu” (Japan), “Daemyung Vivaldi” (South Korea), “Wanlong” (China, Hebei). The main aim of the alliance is the exchange of the tourists in Pacific region.

 In 2016 “Gornyi vozduh” resort was included in the advance social and economic development territories projects that allowed to attract additional capitals. According to the development plan in 2020 total slopes km will be 85, a new mountain village will be build including chalet town, a hotel (for 130 guests), an artificial lake for snow making. Till 2020 it is planned to invest around 12 billions rub.

 The new entrance group will be opened next year as well as all seven new slopes of Krasnaya mountain. Moreover, it is planned to build one more cable in the south.

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