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On the Far East Days Sakhalin will show Moscow all its’ beauty

On the exhibition it will be possible to learn a lot about island region
On the Far East Days Sakhalin will show Moscow all its’ beauty
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The exhibition "Days of the Far East in Moscow" will take place from 8th to 16th December,. Visitors will be able to get acquainted with Sakhalin, its traditions and culture, economic potential and tourist opportunities, reports Vostok.Today.

 “Days of the Far East in Moscow” is a project of federal significance, that involves holding a number of events on the Tverskaya Square and in the pavilions of Expocenter.

 Within the exhibition, five venues will be organized: Fair of Vacancies, Far Eastern Hectare, Far East Fair, Exposition of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, New Investment Opportunities of the Far East.

 "Our partner at theFar Eastern Fairis the fishery company" Gidrostroy ", which will present its entire line of products: caviar, salmon, squid and much more," said Irina Palayeva, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Sakhalin Region. - Moreover the Tea House will be working on Tverskaya, where we are bringing treats from Sakhalin: syrups of wild berries on the basis of which mulled wine will be made, and the products of our confectionery factories. "

 During the fair Moscow residents and guests will be able not only to buy Far Eastern products, but also enjoy the music and dancing of the creative teams of the Sakhalin region (drummers and the singers of the Jazz band of the Sakhalin Philharmonia).

 At the fair visitors will be able to see how Sergei Minato, the famous master of decorative and applied arts, makes pictures of fish skin and join him.

 "Fair of vacancies" and "Far Eastern hectare" will be organized in "Expocenter".

 "We decided to divide our pavilion into several zones. One is "Gastronome 65", where an enormous ship, 2 meters high, will be built from empty cans with labels of our main producers" Irina Palayeva added.

 Visitors will be able to try 20 interactive simulators, as well as to learn from representatives of the island region all about how to get a hectare on Sakhalin, what types of land use it provides and what support measures are there in the region. Representatives of the Sakhalin region will help those who wish to apply online for receiving a Far Eastern hectare on Sakhalin.

 For the country the Sakhalin Region is an interesting and strategically important territory. Its wealth and diversity open broad possibilities of investment policy and development of various types of tourism - skiing, environmental, cultural --cognitive, active and extreme, rural and gastronomic.

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